Conscious Media Festival 2019
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March 1-3, 2019, Austin, Texas
The Conscious Voice
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We are ALL here to unleash our conscious voices and share our stories. This is how shift happens.

Whether you’re spreading peace, creating a Global Sisterhood, talking about disclosure, creating conscious media or spreading consciousness, we can come together to further amplify and unify our voices on a mass scale.

Conscious Media Festival 2019 will center on “The Conscious Voice” and what this means on a revolutionary scale. Worldwide livestream will be available along with a limited number of tickets for the event in Austin, Texas. Mark your calendars and get on the list to join in elevating our voices and consciousness, together!

Unleash Your Conscious Voice.

Conscious Media Festival is an exceptional community of conscious content creators, teachers, and leaders coming together to explore the mission of Building New Earth. We welcome the awakened beings who have strong heart felt messages and feel a soul calling to share with the world. These conscious content creators want to get their message out in a bigger and brighter way and they're looking for practical ways to figure out how to crack the code of digital marketing and conscious media.

Our mission is to create a thriving business system and evolve the message of media for the many platforms of conscious media. To accomplish this mission, the Conscious Media Festival serves as a nexus point, calling on all conscious multi-platform media creators, media influencers, artists, personalities, networks, technologies, distributors and funders to revolutionize the power of media.

- Giselle Koy


The Conscious Media Festival (CMF) is the preeminent gathering and inspirational launching pad for conscious content creators and influencers,
disruptive technology and storytelling production education.

Join us for three days of incredible speakers, amazing parties, and networking connections that will change your life.

CMF will be held in Austin, Texas at some of the most unique and fun venues across the city, including the one and only magical Palazzo Lavaca.

Join the tribe today!

What's CMF Really Like?

The only true way to experience it is in person, but check out our pictures below to get an idea.

What Attendees Have to Say.

The Conscious Media Festival was even better than I had expected and I had high expectations. It was one of the most fun, informative, conscious, and collaborative events I've ever been to. I felt like I became connected to a new tribe, one that I will stay in touch with and co-create new projects with as time unfolds. All details of this event were handled with such care and an abundance mindset, it was excellent!

Kate NeliganHuffington Post, Conscious Rockstar

Festival Creator Giselle Koy launched a brilliant platform with this inaugural event. It was wonderful to witness the emergence of a new tribe of truly heart-based beings focused on manifesting conscious content through various creative mediums.

Sandra WalterAscension Guise

The Conscious Media Festival was absolutely magical! I was inspired at every turn by epic speakers and presentations, the venues were spectacular, and I couldn't be more grateful for the plethora of powerful connections I made with other attendees! I'm still feeling empowered and creatively supercharged by the event. Can't wait for next years!

Christion RobertsonLove on Revolution

This event felt like coming home for me. I usually hate social and networking events, but with everybody on a higher vibration, it was so much fun.

Erik Stearns

Location, Location, Location.

CMF takes place in the heart of Austin, Texas, one week before the world renowned SXSW festival, at one of the most luxurious and consciousness expanding venues in the city: Palazzo Lavaca.