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About Us

The Conscious Media Festival is a premiere destination event and inspirational launching pad for new creative content, media presentations and education. Encompassing three days, eight speakers, one big VIP party and the First Annual The Conscious Broadcaster of the Year Award Ceremony. This premiere festival is held in the progressive environment of Austin, Texas at five of the most luxurious and conscisouness expanding venues across the city, including AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center, the Palazzo Lavaca, The Spider House Cafe and Chapel, the Hotel Ella and the Hampton Inn and Suites.


The Executive Team

Redefining Conscious Media


Gisell Head

Serving as a Planetary Ambassador, Ms. Koy was called to create the Conscious Media Festival. As a multi-platform conscious content creator, her mission is to help evolve the media into a delivery system of truth and conscious awareness, helping to seed the ascension of Earth. A magna cum laude graduate from the University of Texas, she has a lifetime of commitment to infusing creativity and consciousness into her work with publicly held companies, prominent corporate executives and gaining a respectable audience such as Google, Dell Computer, New York Opera, Johnny Walker, House of Gaga, Palazzo Lavaca and more. Ms. Koy is the Author of 5 spiritual in-the-media books available on Amazon, and is the writer and co-host of Daily Vibe on IvolveTV, a conscious network. She thrives in the conscious communities of Sedona, Arizona and Austin, Texas.


Lorrie Lawrence Staff

Lorrie began her media career in her hometown of Los Angeles, California.  Landing on the inaugural set of “Santa Barbara” in 1984, she was influenced by the colorful world of Production Design, receiving several awards as a design student. Graduating Magna Cum Laude from FIDM LA, she relocated to Europe as Founder and Art Director for a prolific production design studio for 11 years. Returning to America, Lorrie’s pursued her love for Natural Sciences and wellness began an education in Ayurvedic medicine with Dr. Deepak Chopra in 2004.  This amazing journey led her to Sedona Arizona, where she combines her knowledge of conscious media, conscious medicine and conscious wellness. Co-founder and Production Manager of the Illuminate Film Festival, Sedona, AZ; Conscious Media Festival, Austin Texas; Sedona Yoga Festival Affiliate; multiple publications and event productions. Lorries vision is to raise awareness of spiritual wellness practices through her appreciation of all forms of science, art, music, and media. Her film creations; “Hozho, The Beauty Way” (2013 Sedona International Film Festival official selection) is the first in a series of films and educational media, together with “The Ghost of the Cuban Queen Bordello” (Winner Best short Film, 2013 Jerome Indie Music and Film Festival) were lovingly birthed to honor ancient philosophies and local legends.


Lorrie Lawrence Staff

Fueled by cold brew, feminist prose, and punk rock music, Roxanne Zech is a freelance writer and producer living in Austin, Texas. Her passions include Deaf culture, cooperative living, and non-commercial radio. Roxanne is currently pursuing a dual degree in Rhetoric & Writing and Deaf Education at the University of Texas at Austin. She is the PR Director and local radio DJ for KVRX Austin 91.7FM and the Executive Assistant for Conscious Media Festival.


Joshua Barber is a local Austinite who is an entrepreneur that has built several businesses in and around the food service industry and event planning. He is currently working on ZulaFood.com, a restaurant delivery service. Joshua’s true soul mission is to awaken to the light within, and then spread that light everywhere he can. Joshua loves time in nature and am always up for something active and outdoors.



A North Carolina native with a degree in hospitality management from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, Oliver has spent his career in the hospitality industry with a focus in fine dining & resort management. He has extensive knowledge as a wine buyer and steward in strong wine, spirit, and beer. Oliver transitioned from the restaurant business into catering and event sales three years ago with Sterling Events and also began working at Palazzo Lavaca with Giselle Koy, curating some of the best events in Austin.



Ayesha is a self-proclaimed spark seeker. She has created a radical life for herself based on her empowering beliefs about life, LOVE, creativity, passion, adventure, and spirit! By day she is a graphic designer and creative strategist and by night her passion is helping people live the biggest most juicy version of their lives via her coaching courses.

Our Co-Hosts

Co-Creating The Conscious Media Revolution


Amy Edwards

Meet Conscious Media Festival co-host, author, RYMagazine founder and fearless rocker Amy Edwards! Get her free e-book to #RockYourLife with 5 new habits at www.RYmagazine.com!


Cliff Collard

Cliff the Change Agent explores the Next Economy and the transition from the old scarcity-based system of exchange (called the Industrial Age) to the new open-sourced sharing economy (called the New Age and/or the New Era). He has been a businessman, investor, author and technologist. He is a student and thought leader of how all the new technologies and social trends are reshaping our reality. He is currently podcasting at Jump to the Next Level. Sign up for notifications about the latest shows: https://changeagentpublications.leadpages.co/join-the-jump/
Debt Freedom is the first big step into the next economy. Cliff’s DebtHackers.org helps individuals and families cut the bonds of debt slavery. Get started with a free 5 minute Credit Card Organizer: https://changeagentpublications.leadpages.co/optin-5-min-cc/


Mariama Tené

Meet Conscious Media Festival co-host Mariama Tené. Having been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia over 14 years ago, she refused to allow it to define her. Mariama is the developer of Ritualz Beauty Wellness hair and skin care line, co-host of Womb-Mans Wednesdays talk show on Blogtalkradio.com, and a specialized all-inclusive Travel Agent via Togethernparadise.com. Mariama has began to share life journey findings at www.beyoutillfull.love and via her Youtube channel: Be You Till Full Love. Currently an active seeker of Holistic remedies with a penchant for high technology, Mariama is also a Homeschool parent pursuing a MA/Phd in Ecopsychology. To get in touch, email mariama@beyoutillfull.love.


Danny Pernik

Danny Pernik is the Lead Designer of Open Currents.

The idea seed of a time-backed alternative currency has been growing with Danny ever since he was introduced to the Austin Time Exchange Network in 2013. At the time, he was focused on another project called Zaplings, which aims to connect creators all over the world through shared passion and complementary expertise. However, the need for a viable alternative to Old Money was so great that eventually, no other mission mattered more to him.

Danny’s diverse studies and interests, including psychology, economics, statistics, marketing, entrepreneurship, and front-end development, have come together to support a grand vision for the future, where every person on the planet has the ability to create and receive abundance by giving time and effort for the social good. He thanks you for being a part of the solution.


Gisell Head

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