Join Us At The Inaugural Conscious Media Festival


Get in on the ground level and on the trending curve of the conscious media revolution.

Exhibitors are chosen based on their innovative products and services which trend the media movement forward.  These innovators are found in the latest issues of publications like “Wired” and “Conscious Company” magazine!

Examples include; OculusVR, Zodiac, Google, WorldViz, Marxent Labs, Bricks and Goggles, Unity Tech, Hololens, Mevo, Magic Leap, Digital Mesh, Virtuix, GoPro, Graphic Card Developers, Holograph, Uberflight, Tech Gadgets, Energy Conductors, 3D Print Builders, 4K Drones, Bluetooth and Solar EVERYTHING, Robots, Smart toys – It is an endless new tech world we are sharing, and the ride share is MEDIA.

Exhibition Date – March 4th, 2016

One full day with All-Access visibility at the AT&T University of Texas Foyer

Event and public access

Exhibitor fee: $175 per table, 3 table limit, 4’x5’ maximum banner allowed

We Provide:
• 6 foot table, linen covered, product/service 8.5×11 plexi information sign
• Imprint and description in event guide
• Imprint and description on event website


This opportunity is for very serious, interested exhibitors who wish to vend and promote their business, products and/or services. Fill in your information below and one of our exhibitor support personnel will contact you shortly.