Rion DeRouen

Rion DeRouen

New World Broadcaster

Founder of Galactic Wands, Etherictech and Team Light, Rion has been working as a planetary guardian since his DNA activation in 2009. Upon receiving his genetic upgrades, he was granted the ability to communicate with higher selves and interdimensional beings. He can see beyond 3D reality, as well as fully access and operate his Third Eye.

With these gifts and his mission set, he traveled the globe activating, gridding and clearing dozens of sacred sites including; Easter Island, Machu Picchu, Chichen Itza, the Pyramids of Giza, Tiwanaku and many, many more.

His planetary crusade required powerful energy tools for him and his team. So with the help of his higher selves, he became an expert in energetic alchemy and began creating light tools and pyramids specifically designed for protection, transmutation and manipulation.

Rion is now in the process of writing his first book where he’ll share details on galactic downloads and his personal activation story. You can also see him on Ivolve TV as co-host and co-creator of the spiritual talk show, “The Daily Vibe”. Or catch more original content from Rion and the members of Team Light on the Roku channel, “Sedona Free TV”.

Rion’s goal is to aid mass consciousness in shifting to a higher frequency of existence. He lives by 3 simple rules; Raise the planets vibration, Raise the vibration of mass consciousness and execute those tasks with Highest Intent. Through love and understanding we will be successful in truly creating Heaven on Earth.

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