Ron James

Ron James

Official Launch of Ivolve TV;
Repurposing The Purpose of Media

The network business model is being redefined and side-stepping many of its historical limiting barriers. Lead by Ron James, founder of Ivolve TV, “The Era of Conscious Media” reveals the new network model which creates a win/win/situation for network, content creator and audience.

Ivolve Media Group, Inc. was founded by conscious media veteran Ron James.

James has created and produced over 200 DVDs covering the topics you will find on Ivolve TV and has won a combined total of 17 national awards for various media arts.

He is a pioneer in alternative media distribution and what he calls “The Five Levels of Monetization,” a formula which enables filmmakers to thrive in the digital landscape.

James is also the author of Messiah: Awakenings, a novel currently available in limited release.  It has been called “The new Celestine Prophecy.”

Moving beyond Conspiracy Theory;
The Proving Grounds of Truth

AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center

Lead by activist/attorney, Mark Mueller, a leader in the pelvic mesh MDL, including positions as co-chair of the science committee and member of the executive committee.  This is believed to be the largest and most complex medical device product liability case. This panel dives into one of the hottest trends in media: Whistle Blowing and Disclosure. […]


The Era of Conscious Media;
Repurposing the Purpose of Media