Summer Immersion 2017

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Are you still looking for the branding that fits the magnitude of your purpose, your gifts, and your personal level of excellence?

Many of us struggle with getting this part down. But once we do, we feel great relief and begin to soar. Our content is constantly evolving as are we, so let’s create a format that can expand to our full potential.

Presenting the multi-dimensional, ultra summer camp experience! Nature, fun, and deep strong work in refining and launching your content with the highest outcome!

During the weekend we will swim in the magical source spring waters of Barton Springs by night and create by day! We will feast on a catered beautiful organic vegan lunch both days. You will leave with either a new brand or a brand refresh with a refined approach to your social media!

Camp Counselors 

Giselle Koy, Conscious Media Festival and Spiritual Branding Expert

Serving as a Planetary Ambassador, Giselle was called to create the Conscious Media Festival. As a multi-platform conscious content creator, her mission is to help evolve the media into a delivery system of truth and conscious awareness, helping to seed the ascension of Earth. A magna cum laude graduate from the University of Texas, she has a lifetime of commitment to infusing creativity and consciousness into her work with publicly held companies and prominent corporate executives. Giselle is the Author of 6 spiritual books available on Amazon, and is the writer and co-host of Daily Vibe on IvolveTV, a conscious network. She thrives in the conscious communities of Sedona, Arizona and Austin, Texas.

Wes Parrish, Obsidian Blade and ex Nike Brand Expert

Wesley Parrish is a digital art director and brand strategist who has honed his skills over the past 18 years handling web, design, and marketing for Fortune 500 companies such as Nike and Yamaha as well as dozens of small startups and Internet-based businesses.

His one-man digital agency, Wisdom & Method, specializes in assisting music equipment manufacturers, independent clothing designers, and spirituality oriented self-help coaches who podcast. Wesley currently produces his weekly podcast ‘The Obsidian Blade,’ a title which ranked for many weeks upon its debut in the ‘New and Noteworthy’ section of iTunes. Helping people gain clarity with their voice and mission is his main goal.

Dulce Ruby, Soul Traveller

An artist of written, visual and audio formats, Dulce Ruby aims to connect with and awaken the masses. Through exploration and expression of both inner & outer worlds, she shares insight and content in regards to both spiritual and physical matters. Via her site ( and usage of tools such as social media, she has been able to further extend her reach and utilize these platforms for creativity, broadcasting, reflection and service.

She has recently been recognized in publications such as The Huffington Post and Yoga Journal, and continues to partner with various conscious brands, companies, and organizations in order to spread the message of peace, positivity, and possibility through her vision and creations. She works to awaken others into self-awareness, empowerment, and love, so that we may ALL find our truth & limitless potential.


Ashley Cass, Giant Noise PR

Ashley Cass received an Electronic Media degree from Texas State University. After graduation, she worked with Birds Barbershop and received a Texas Social Media Award and mention in the New York Times. Cass then worked with geo-location startup Gowalla as Campus and Events Coordinator until December 2011, when the company was acquired by Facebook. She has since worked at Giant Noise where she manages digital platforms for Conscious Media Festival, Historic PearlHotel EmmaSoutherleigh Fine Food & Brewery, among others.

Friday 6:30-8:00pm
Barton Springs

Opening Ceremony Sound Healing and Sacred Swim

Saturday 10:00am – 4:00pm

Palazzo Lavaca Ballroom

Morning Ceremony
Meditation and Sound Healing 10:00am
Passion Blueprint Meditation with Giselle Koy and Carol Johnson

Discover & Embody Your Brand 10:30am
– Skills, traits, services, passions
– Color palette, templates, theme, flow
– Voice, Consistency, Confidence (don’t back down/out)

Evaluating Your Brand, Case Studies 11:30am

Organic Vegan Catered Lunch 1:00pm

Landing and Creating Your Next Level Brand 2:00pm

What is your monetization model? 3:00 – 4:00pm

Sacred Swim in the Springs 9:00pm

Sunday 10:00am – 3:00pm

Palazzo Lavaca Ballroom

Meditation 10:00am

What You Don’t Know About Instagram 10:30am
– Algorithms
– Building Your Tribe
– Importance of Being an Influencer

Brunch 11:30am

The Illusive Launch Process 12:30pm

Marketing and Tool Kits 1:00pm

Closing Ceremony 2:00pm

Coming This Fall:

~ SEPT 15-17, 2017 ~

If you choose to attend both camps,
the cost is $777.

Fall passes will be available July 17th.


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