Are you still looking for the branding that fits the magnitude of your purpose, your gifts, and your personal level of excellence?

The CMF SUMMER IMMERSION is a full deep dive on how to shape your unique conscious purpose into a mindful business that works for you! This is a fast track to a new brand or a brand refresh with a refined approach to your social media and marketing.

Join us for a full weekend of hands-on expert advice for every question you have about launching your purpose to an audience that is just waiting for what you, and only you, can contribute to their lives.

There is a thirst for conscious media content. Will you be the one to help fill people’s cups?

Your clarity can literally change someone’s life. Find the flow that leverages your divine mission to the masses. Liberate the contribution of your specific code signature. 

Get your message into the hands of the people whose lives you have been called to change!

Benefits to Summer Immersion

  • Increase your engagement by 100%
  • You will leave with a 50% level of engagement with your audience.
  • You will leave with a new forged level of support from a system.
  • Conscious Media Festival will help you find your voice and help you find the confidence to be a leader.
  • Conscious Media Festival will show you how to build a mass movement of people whose lives you can affect.
  • Conscious Media Festival will teach you how to make this calling a career, where people will pay you for your advice.
  • Are you using Transmission Technology?
  • Are You Using Code Technology in your Social Media?
  • Sacred Springs swim at night in ancient muse energy.
  • Meet your other consciousness teachers in the sacred source waters of Barton Springs.

Who Will Be Attending?

Our Galactic team, of course. We look forward to joining all those wishing to attend and offer our help through an Earth bound capsule during your weekend in Austin. An appointed immersion with Andromeda level up. Your social media is its own grid.  

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